AWS RDS PostgreSQL Setup


AWS RDS is a managed service provided by AWS to run a relational database. We will see how to setup a postgres instance using AWS RDS.

  1. Log in to your AWS account.
  2. Go to Services -> RDS
  3. Click on Create Database, Create Database
  4. In the Create Database prompt, choose Standard Create option with PostgreSQL as engine type. Create Database 1
  5. In the Template section choose Free Tier and type in a DB Identifier, Master username and Master password. Make sure to note these down, you will need this to connect to your database. Create Database 3
  6. In the Storage section disable autoscaling and select Do not create standup instance in Availability & durability section as this is only for a simple sample. Create Database 3.1
  7. In the Connectivity section expand the Additional Connectivity configuration and make sure to chose Yes for Publicly accesible section. Create Database 3.2
  8. In the Database Authentication section choose Password Authentication for password access, expand the Additional Configuration section and write an initial database name and disable unnecessary services. The database name is important, since you will use this to connect to your database. Create Database 3.3
  9. Click on the create database. Create Database 4
  10. In the RDS database section, wait for the status of your database to turn to Available. Create Database 5
  11. Once the status becomes Available click on the database identifier to take you to the database Summary page.
  12. Here in the Connectivity & Security section note down the endpoint and port details and in the Configuration section note down the DB name. Create Database 6 Create Database 7

By the end of the set up you need to know

  1. Your database is Available.
  2. Endpoint , port and DB name from step 12.
  3. Username and password from step 5.