Stitch Database to data warehouse Integration


  1. Source database connection details (endpoint, port, username, password and database name)
  2. Source table to replicate
  3. destination schema name
  4. run frequency can be set to 10min

We are assuming the destination data warehouse is already setup in stitch.


  1. Log into your stitch account. here
  2. Click on Add Integration button on your dashboard. stitch-s3-1
  3. Choose PostgreSQL option as the integration in the next page. dd1
  4. Enter the source endpoint, port, username, password and database name and use the given destination db name as the name if the integration, as shown. dd2
  5. Choose a replication frequency of 10 min(given run frequency) for fast testing. dd3
  6. In the next section you can choose one or more tables to replicate, click the given source table to replicate
  7. Click on Table Settings, choose key based incremental replication and press Continue to order. dd6 dd7
  8. Press Finalize your selection. dd4 dd5